Price Guide:
Sketch: $10Inked: $20Colored: $35Shaded: $45Simple background: $45 (it's free!)Fully colored background: $55+Real media full page illustration: $100+
The cost will be higher for multiple character images. Simple backgrounds are always free! Most images will cost the same whether done digitally or with real media.

Item Guide:
Badge: $25Icon: $15Ref sheet: $50+Telegram sticker: $10 for a headshot, $12 for waist-up, $15 for multi-character or complex prop. YCH characters are free.
Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the image, but this is the general guideline I go by.



Flat Color

Shaded/Shaded with Simple Background

Full Shading/Complex Background

Pronoun Badges

Real Media

Icons and Stuff

Telegram Stickers

Ref Sheets

Commission Process

To get the ball rolling, contact me! My contact info is located here, just click the icon for the method of contact you'd like to use. You and I will discuss what you're looking for and agree on a price. I'll assign you a due date and add you to my queue.I will show you a sketch before finishing your image. I am happy to make changes to the artwork while it is still in the sketching process! I don't show sketches for Telegram stickers unless asked. Let me know if you would like to see them!When I'm finished, I will send you your artwork via your preferred method of contact (email, Telegram, etc).If you commissioned a real media piece, I will ask for your address in order to mail it to you. I do my best to mail commissions within one week of completion.Mail within the continental USA is free. The buyer must pay shipping for out of country postage.

What's the Status of my Commission?

My commission queue is publicly viewable and is updated regularly with WIP sketches! Just click on the Commission Queue button on the main page of this site.I'm also happy to keep in contact via Telegram, Twitter, or email about your commission.
What if You Mess Up?

If I have made a mistake on your commission that is my own fault (wrong color, missing markings, etc) I will fix it at no cost to you!If I make a mistake that is not my fault (for example: unclear reference or description), or if you want a change after the commission has been completed, edits will cost money.------- Edits on real media commissions cost $15 per change, limit one change.
------- Edits on digital commissions cost $5 per change, limit three changes.

What if I Want a Refund?

Completed commissions are non-refundable.Partially completed commissions can be partially refunded, depending on the amount of work done.If work has not been started on a commission, you can be refunded in full.

What type of art will you/won't you draw?

I will draw:

InflationVorePawsPlushiesTransformation of various typesHypnosisPool toys/squeaky stuffBabyfur/diaperfurJust about anything - if you aren't sure, ask! I will not be offended, so don't feel shy.
I will not draw:

NSFW babyfur/ageplay - anything with children in an sexual situation. Adults in diapers in NSFW situations are OK.Hateful content, or what I deem to be hateful content. This includes stuff like people getting beat up and alt-right imagery. This is not up for debate and is at my discretion, thanks!
I'm not great at drawing these, but I'll try:

Regular old sexMechanical things - guns, robots, carsHumansGore/candy gore